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Dash Electric has once again displayed their expertise and dedication to quality, successfully completing the electrical panel installation and wiring at a private residence on Fremont St in Riverside. Our experienced technicians worked hard to ensure that nothing but the best craftsmanship was delivered with this project - exemplifying why Dash is recognized as one of Riverside's top choice for reliable electrical services.

An electrical panel or widely known as a breaker box is like a switchboard that distributes the power from the utility company to the circuits that power up your home. And when it comes to electricity, there is also the risk of fires and electric shocks when you try to do it yourself. This is why our client did not do the electrical panel wiring himself or replace his electrical panel. When he realized that his panels are reaching their 30s, he knew that they needed a new one. He searched for a Riverside electrician and came upon our electrical services. 

Upon arriving at his homestead, we told him the intricacies of installing a new panel and why it's always a must to follow local authorities (NFPA and NEC) when wiring electrical panels. After finishing up and testing out the system, our client now has a new electrical panel for his home.

When Do You Need an Electrical Panel Installation Service? 

It's pretty common to think of electrical systems as being relatively stable and not needing a lot of work over the course of their lives. But, like most things, they're best when they're kept up to date. Your breaker box is the main distributor of power for all the circuits in your home, so it's a good idea to have an expert take a look at it when you notice any issues or when you decide to make any changes to your home. Now when it comes to replacing your panels, here are the three main reasons why:

Old Panels

You might be thinking, "I've never heard anyone complain about their electrical panel before." But if you pay attention, you'll hear your friends talk about the annoying power outages they have or even how they've had to reset their breakers a few times. It's likely that almost every household has had to replace their electrical panel at least once in their lifetime, and in some cases multiple times. The life expectancy of an electrical panel is anywhere from 25 to 30 years, depending on the quality of installation and the amount of moisture it's exposed to.

The main goal of an electrical panel installation is to make sure that your electrical system is safe and fully functional. There are different kinds of panels, but most have some sort of a fuse that disconnects when there is too much electricity running through it. This protects the wires inside so they don’t overheat and cause a fire. Newer units also have a breaker that can be flipped off to prevent power from flowing if there is a short circuit or overload.

Breakers That Are Unreliable

When you notice that the circuit breaker in your home gets hot or the breaker trips frequently, it may be time to call an electrical panel installation service. There are two common reasons for a circuit breaker to get hot. The first is that there is too much current running through the wiring. Most homes have 15 amp breakers, but if you have several heavy appliances on one circuit, it could trip often as the wires become overloaded. If this happens, then you will need to upgrade the wiring to a higher amp rating and replace the breaker with one that can handle the extra load.

The second reason for a breaker to get hot is if it's faulty. Circuit breakers are designed to prevent fires by shutting off if they receive too much current. The Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) breakers have been known to malfunction and cause fires. These FPE breakers have been recalled and should be replaced immediately with an up-to-date model from a different brand. Zinco panels and breakers stopped production in the mid-70s as they proved unreliable and do not pass the current safety codes of today. If you're unsure as to whether your breaker is from FPE or Zinco, contact a local electrical panel installation service and we can let you know what brand it is and whether or not it has been recalled.

More Power

In today's time, our home utilizes many more things electrically than in the last couple of decades. Older panels provide fewer spaces for circuits which only delivers less power. Hiring an electrician to install electrical panels for your home for more power is always a better choice when it comes to safety and security.

When you want to add more power to your home, make sure you don't take a shortcut and try to install electrical panels by yourself. While the idea of replacing your old panels with a larger one might sound easy enough, this is a job that should be handled by an experienced professional. The last thing you want is to have the panels hooked up incorrectly or installed in a way that doesn't provide adequate safety and security features. You also want to know that the connections are properly made so that your electrical system isn't compromised by any possible issues.

Wiring is something that should be handled by professionals for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, incorrect wiring can compromise safety and security. This can lead to serious problems down the road such as fires or even electrical shocks. Unless you're an expert on how everything should be wired together, it's best to leave it up to the pros who know what they're doing and can handle the job with ease.

Why Hire An Electrician For Electrical Panel Wiring & Installation? 

There are many reasons to hire an electrician for electrical panel wiring and installation, even if you have basic electrical knowledge. Your home’s electrical system is a complex network that provides electricity to the entire structure. Because it’s so important, replacing an electrical panel is a complicated process that should only be attempted by a professional electrician.

In addition to being dangerous, this job can cause expensive setbacks and may even result in injuries and property damage if the work isn’t done properly. In some cities, it’s actually illegal for non-professionals to attempt this job. Having a licensed Riverside electrician handle the task could help you avoid these potential dangers.

Technical expertise is required to replace your home’s panel safely and effectively. A licensed Riverside electrician has the training and experience to perform this job correctly, ensuring that your system won’t malfunction, your devices will stay safe, and your home won’t be susceptible to electrical fires. By hiring an electrician for electrical panel wiring and installation instead of trying it yourself or hiring someone without proper training, you could protect yourself from disastrous scenarios.

Choose Dash Electric For All Your Electrical Panel Wiring & Installation Needs!

When it comes to your electrical panel wiring and installation needs, you need a company that you can trust. Our electrical technicians are licensed and insured, so you know your home is in good hands. This is important because of the type of work we do—electrical panels are located all throughout your home, and if any of the wires have been incorrectly installed, it could be a safety hazard for you, your home, and your family. Even small problems with your panel wiring can lead to bigger issues down the road. 

Electrical installation and electrical panel wiring should only be done by a licensed Riverside professional—if you don't hire one to do it, you could end up having to call someone out anyway because of problems that could have easily been prevented. Visit our website or give us a call today so we can get started on keeping your home's electricity running smoothly.


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