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Electric Panel Upgrades in Riverside, CA.

Get Your Electric Panel Upgraded With Us

You can rely on us to complete your electric panel upgrades in Riverside, CA, speedily and seamlessly. Our professionals offer the highest degree of craftsmanship when they give services to your commercial or residential belongings. In addition, you will relish benefits like fast response time, maximum professionalism, rewiring panels, 100, 150 & 200 Amp upgrades, and many more.

An electrician at Dash electric has knowledge as well as skills to successfully perform electric panel upgrades or replacements, ensuring that your space has a safe, stable, and reliable power supply to meet all your requirements.

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Major Reasons To Upgrade Your Electric Panel

The reason why people upgrade electrical panels is due to their breakers keep tripping. A switch stops excessive power from flowing through a circuit when a source tries to draw too much power. An upgrade in the electric panel can enhance the performance of the electric system and thereby prevent fires and overheating.

Gaming systems and blenders are small electrical appliances that do not contribute much to home power usage. However, hot tubs and chargers for electric vehicles draw enough power that they usually require their breakers, which can be accommodated by replacing your electrical panel. There is also a need for an upgrade in the electric panels if you add more rooms to your residence or commercial space. Lastly, it adds tons of value to your home. 

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Should I change My Electric Panel Or Repair it?

Whenever you have a problem regarding the electric panel, you will be stuck with three questions: Repair, Replace, or upgrade.

If your panel is newly bought and there is a need to expand the room, in such cases, we recommend you to go for electric panel upgrades. If you have an old electric system but only a minor problem, mostly in the breaker, it’s time to repair your electric panel. If your system is older and cannot handle the demands placed on it, you should definitely go for the electric panel replacement. 

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We are your go-to company for electric panel upgrades in Riverside

Our electricians have skills, state-of-the-art technologies, and the most advanced equipment to upgrade your electric panel. At Dash Electric, safety comes first; hence we only install parts with the highest safety ratings while assuring our work meets the upgraded standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Ring us now for an electric panel upgrade. 

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David Ursu - CEO

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