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EV Car Charger Installation In Riverside, CA

EV Car Charger Installation Service

We at Dash Electric are here to help you navigate the intersection of dynamic technology, power infrastructure, and operations intertwined with a successful EV car charger installation. We are dedicated to creating an endurable and reliable EV car charging network for EV owners across Riverside, CA.

With electric vehicle popularity on the rise, you can keep fleets energized, ensure your worker’s convenience, and even attract prospective customers by installing EV car chargers at your business. This can also reflect your prestige and shows your concern for the environment. Experience the most reasonable EV car charging & public EV charging installation services with our certified electricians.

ev car charger installation

Advantages of EV Charging Stations for Your Residence

If you are planning to install an EV charger at your place, then ring us now to get an EV car charger installation service at an affordable price. With an EV car charger, you will speedily and conveniently charge your vehicle with a dependable, safe, and easy-to-use charging station.

You can also minimize charge time and get back to your routine. Let our skilled and experienced electrician decide the best option for your EV car charger, and all you have to do is relax. 

ev car charger installation service

DC Fast Charger: The Speediest Way to Charge

When looking for the fastest way to charge your Electric vehicle, A level 3 DC faster charger can be the finest choice. Dc electric vehicle charger can charge your vehicle within 30 minutes, while all the rest option takes four to six hours. So for all those who need a quick EV charger, this one will best suit your needs!

We are one of the supreme EV charger installation service providers for all your residential and commercial spaces, such as offices, retail, hospitality, and industrial businesses. 

ev charger installation riverside

We are just one call away!

Our professionals always promise the best possible job, and we only install the latest options. Our company’s objective is to contribute to the development of the infrastructure that will, in our opinion, be an important component of the future. At each task we do, we work hard to meet and surpass the requirements of our clientele.

Whatever type of business property you own or operate, our competent electricians can assist you in determining the ideal new electric car charging stations and installing them with utmost professionalism. For your EV car charger installation service in Riverside, CA, contact us right away and get inclined to receive exceptional service. 

David Ursu CEO of Dash Electric

David Ursu - CEO

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