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House Rewiring in Riverside, CA

How do we work?

Our house rewiring service in Riverside, CA, can complete the job efficiently, within the budget, and on time regardless of the size of the project. If you are thinking of rewiring your unsafe, inefficient, old wires, contact us immediately!

When you contact us for a house rewiring service, we will find out the root problems and provide you with an estimated cost. 

Before starting your rewiring, we’ll make sure to check your electrical system & power demands and assess your needs. Our licensed electricians will provide service according to American standards.

Our service will make you revisit Dash Electric for any future house rewiring needs.

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Do I Require to Rewire My House?

Your home would need immediate rewiring if constructed 25 years ago—the probability of sparkling and causing fire increases due to the aging of wires. Also, if you have aluminum wiring, we strictly recommend connecting us as they are less efficient.

If you constantly rely on extension cords, they can be hazardous since cords have a poor connection. Your outlets should also have three-prong grounded plugs; hence, home electrical fires are reduced. Dimming lights, burning smells, sparklings, and tingling sensations when in contact with appliances are all signs of rewiring. 

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What Is the Expense to Rewire a Home?

The expense depends upon different factors when you want a house rewiring service. Firstly, the size of the residence directly impacts the cost. The larger your house, the more wiring it will require! If there is a possibility of saving your old wires, the cost can be deducted. The condition of the present electrical system, the total number of outlets, and the state of the circuit can affect cost.

Another advantage of rewiring is that it boosts the value of the residence. In fact, when you have rewired houses, there is a chance of deduction in insurance premium. 

Contact Dash Electric for a Preeminent house rewiring service

When you need house rewiring in Riverside, CA, we can help you upgrade the wires and replace the knob or tube wiring. Home rewiring service can be completed properly only by a skilled electrician because cutting, drilling, and running wires are not just a simple task, and little error can cost you a lot. It’s advisable to leave such technical work to professionals of Dash electric.

When you’re planning a remodel or wondering if your home needs rewiring, contact our electrician right away, who is licensed, trained, and insured. 

David Ursu CEO of Dash Electric

David Ursu - CEO

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