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Sconce Lighting in Riverside, CA

Sconce lighting offers incredible luminance and practicality.

Looking for sconce lighting installation services that are durable, functional, and easy to maintain? Visit Dash Electric to get a praiseworthy service. We are one of the most well-known sconce lighting service providers and cater to customers looking for super-fast installation services.

A little sconce straddled on the wall, above the table, or as a component of the gallery wall will undeniably give your residence a new look that everyone will inflate and compliment. To hard-wire your sconce lighting, it’s important to hire a skilled electrician. Get your house lightened with sconce lighting that will make your space stunning and captivating.

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What are the two types of Sconce Lighting?

If you plan to shine your room with sconce lighting in Riverside, CA, contact us as we will help you decide the type, color, and size according to your interiors and conditions! There are two major types available.

Hard-wired sconces are such that they do not have open wires ( exposed wired), and their wiring is directly connected to the electrical system. You can operate it either by a wall switch or switch that is in the fixture. Plug-in sconces are attached to the wall but require an extension cord to power them. Compared to hard-wired sconces, they are much easier to install and less expensive, but the cord hangs down and is noticeable. Plug-in sconces have switches at the fixture. 

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Why are DIY approaches not preferable for Sconce Lighting installation service?

We advise people not to use do-it-yourself approaches and choose a skilled electrician because all the wiring is directly connected to your electrical system. A small misstep can cause damage to your entire electrical system, and there is a huge possibility of shocks & fires. Adding a wall switch and hard-wiring a pair of sconces into your residence will cost you around $300 to $400, depending upon style, shape, and finishes.

Also, when you go to purchase sconce lighting in Riverside, CA, make sure to choose a fixture that is UL listed. This means that they are laboratory tested. Always remember, before aesthetics comes safety. 

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Sconce lights are often installed in pairs and glow beautifully in dim areas, such as hallways, entryways, stairs, and alcove walls. Place sconces on either side of fireplaces, beds, and exterior doors. We adhere to a strict code of values, which includes delivering a high level of service, treating clients with frankness and respect, and offering reasonable costing. We provide you with adjustable appointment options and ensure on-time arrivals to a decided time.

So what are you waiting for? Contact right away to get your house furnished with glossy lights. With our vast knowledge and experience, along with expert fitting, you can be sure to experience quality service. We can help you with all your light installation requirements! 

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